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NBA Finals Lakers Magic BasketballI’m throwing it out there. What are you gonna do about it? At some point during the game, I think Kobe mouthed to the camera, “Shaq, tell me how my ass tastes.”  Everyone can rest now by the way, Shaq has tweeted congrats to Kobe. WHO CARES? Stay out of it. This ain’t about you big man so stop trying to make it such. Kobe Bryant, ring #4. Took this soft, scraggly group of Lakers to the top after getting embarrassed by the Celts last year. Why isn’t this guy MVP? Oh yeah, because Lebron is money during the regular season when it doesn’t matter. Most Valuable Player to me means the best in the show.  Is there any doubt that Kobe is that? That’s why MVP votes need to be cast after the playoffs. I’m not going to start spewing his playoff stats, because it’s what he does when it counts that matters. Everyone in the world knows this guy is clutch. Best player in basketball.  Best Laker of all time (sorry Magic). Best player ever.  Best of all, he’s still got a couple more years at this level. Sorry rest of the country, can someone say R-E-P-E-A-T?!?!?

June 15, 2009 - Posted by | NBA BASKETBALL | ,

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  1. I agree.Nobody has played this game better,on both sides of the ball.I remember he shut down AI insecond half with no points and almost no points for T Mack in forth quarter,and still had awsome forth quarter scoring.The best basketball show we have ever seen. The BEST ever PERIOD……….

    Comment by Tiger | June 15, 2009 | Reply

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