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Saaaayyyyy CONTRACT!

NBA Finals Magic Lakers BasketballWho? What? When? What the hell’s going on here? Two finals games in a row, four consecutive playoffs performances in double digits, by Lamar Odom of the Lakers? That’s right folks, its a contract year for L.O. as he becomes a free agent at the end of the year and looking to cash in HUGE, unless he resigns with the Lakers where he might have to give a hometown discount.  I don’t really care about the motivation factor, as long as the Lakers win the Championship but I do wonder why these guys can’t show up every game, especially given the amount of money they make. And it’s not just Lamar, this type of inconsistent play is prevalant league-wide.  Back to the game though and the Lakers’ victory, looks like the Magic missed their best chance of evening out the series but Courtney Lee’s missed alley-lay up was nowhere close.  That’s gonna be eating him all off-season. Nice game for Rashard Lewis and his $118 million contract, I’m glad that he’s proving that he’s worth it, somewhat… Going back to Orlando for 3 in a row, what are the chances that the Magic sweep.  None?  Look at the Lakers’ track record: best road record in the league; playoff victories in Utah, Denver, and Houston. I’m thinking it too, Magic are done.   But they should be happy to be there.  Noone gave them a chance to go deep in the playoffs and well, a finals appearance makes the season a success.  I’m pretty sure they won’t be there next year but that’s another post for another day.  I said Lakers in 6 before the season started, looking solid so far.

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