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You’ve Got A Lot To Learn Mr. Bynum

Nuggets Lakers BasketballThat’s 6’3, 33 year old Chauncy Billups taking it to the hole against 7’0 foot, 22 year old Andrew Bynum. At the end, the Lakers pulled it off in a squeaker.  They were supposed to win.  They were at home.  They just came off a big win against the Rockets.  They won by 2. Not pretty, but they’ll/I’ll/you’ll take it.  Now, I’m listening to sports talk radio today and I heard an interesting postgame interview by Vic “the Brick” with Andrew Bynum.  The Q & A went something like this:

Q: Andrew, it seemed like the Denver Nugget bigs were giving you guys trouble early on in the game, can you explain why?

A: No they weren’t.

Q: Andrew, you guys pulled off the win, it was a tough game, what was the key to the win?

A: The key to the game was me getting more minutes. The team is better off if I’m in the game.

AAARGGGHH??? Scooby snack? Is this guy for real?  This guy’s been the biggest bust since Gred Oden.  Ever since he signed that huge contract extension, the only thing he’s done is drop 45 on a depleted Clippers team and now he’s coming at me with “I’m the man?” 2 for 4 shooting, 6 points and 6 rebounds in 16 minutes of play? D.J. Mbenga could pull in those numbers. Kobe needs to pull this kid aside and smack him around.  This guy hasn’t accomplished anything and has been M.I.A. the entire playoffs. He’s averaging 5.6 ppg, 3.9 rpg, and less than 1 block per game in over 15 minutes of play per game.  Who the F#@! is this guy to mouth off like that.  He needs to shut his mouth and beg Phil to let give him some minutes.  Heck, he’s lucky if the fellas let him rebound during pregame warmups. If this guy wasn’t 7 feet tall, he’d be paying for tickets to the game. In an ideal world, the interview  should’ve gone like this:

Q: Andrew, it seemed like all the Denver Bigs made you their bitches, can you comment on that?

A: Well, I’m overrated and out-of-shape.  I conned Jerry Buss into giving me a contract extension and now I’m sitting pretty. As for the Denver Bigs, they’re just better.  They have more heart and talent.  I’m just a big piece of bleep….

Q: Andrew, can you comment on the game?

A: Well, from my vantage point on the bench, I could tell that if this game went into OT, I would get stuck in heavy traffic on the 110 fwy. As for the game itself, I’m gonna try to give my team 6 hard fouls and not put my foot in my mouth when giving interviews.

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