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Now That’s Kobe Doin’ Work!

kobe bryantLet’s get something straight, I never said Kobe sucks.  I’ve been getting a lot of backlash from the Kobe faithful the past couple of days for my article on Kobe’s Documentary “Doin’ Work.” Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not backtracking. I still think the guy is a hateable guy and isn’t the fun-loving teammate that he wants us to believe he is. He is however, a sick baller.  He dropped 40 tonight agains the Nuggets at home in what many including myself considered a pivotal game.  The Lake Show came out soft, falling behind by double digits.  The game was dirty, a lot of bangin’ around, a little ol’ school.  But they pulled it out.  I did think that the Lakers needed to come out and punch the Nuggets in the mouth to show them who’s the boss but a win’s a win.  When you get this close to the money, it doesn’t matter how pretty the wins are.  If the Lakers win on Thursday, it’s curtains for the Nuggets.  No way they take 4 out of the next 5 after that.  So there you go, all you Kobe lovers.  He’s a stud.  But he’s still a bitch. Tell him to stop flailing his arms every time he doesn’t get a call and run back on defense.  That’s just me, a blogger.  Then again, what do I know about basketball.

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  1. kobe is the best from the west he got skittles n hes got crossovers dat guy could easily play u like a mop good 2 wanna b kobe (carmelo anthony)

    Comment by mr.koolaid | April 10, 2010 | Reply

  2. blah shut ur mouth who ever wrote this article kobe the best player ur a f*CK*NG HATER !!!!

    Comment by jay | May 14, 2011 | Reply

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