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knowyourroleListen Gibroni, no one can say it better than the Rock… Know your role! Know your role! Know your role! How, you ask is this a sports related issue? Well, I was role playing last night with my wife… no, that’s not it. On a serious note, I’ve been watching/playing a lot of basketball lately and I’ve noticed an unusual trend (aside from the fact that nobody like to play defense or pass the ball)… drumroll please… unclear roles.  Watching the NBA, playing pickup games, playing league games, many people seem to ignore reality and use the court as an escape into lalaland. You got guys that shouldn’t be dribbling wanting to play point guards, guys that shouldn’t be on the court not only playing, but taking outrageous shots. Why did the Celtics spank the Lakers last year in the finals? Because everyone knew their roles. This person’s a star, that person’s not, this person’s gonna get minutes and shots, this guy’s not. That’s it, fair and simple.  You’re a good player, you get PT.  You suck, you get bupkis. You didn’t see Leon Powe taking over games. You didn’t see Eddie House do more than he’s supposed to.

Q: What’s worse than a bad basketball player?

A: A person who sucks and doesn’t know.

For all the guys that wanna have fun and get some exercise, that’s great. Take it to the a local high school or black top where there are similar-class players.  Try the eliptical or the treadmill, it’s good cardio. If you insist on playing ball with guys that are better, fine. JUST DEFER. Don’t try to take over. Don’t try to show them up. You’re not better.  You’ll never be better.  Because while you might get lucky one day and hit a couple of shots, in the long run, you will cause a lot of grief and aggravation to both yourself and your teammates. Let the guys who can play, PLAY. If you’re playing in a league or tourney and let’s say father time or father skill has passed you by, accept it. Figure out how you can help your team, whether it be from the bench, (i.e. glorified cheerleader) or even spelling the stars for a couple of minutes.  Cause at the end of the day, ain’t no fun to lose.  And I don’t want to hear that it’s taking away from the fun of the game.  Everyone who ever plays a sport, plays to win. Bottom line. There is a silver lining though, depending on who you play with, your role can change.  I’ll give you a perfect example, ME. This weekend, played in an alumni tournament.  Guys on my team for the most part were subpar; my role – option 1 or 2. Contrast that with the days that I run with a bunch of younger guys; role change – defense, boards, set some picks, block some shots, when I’m on the court – option 4-5. You wanna become a better player, know your role, accept it.  Trust me, take it from someone who has been playing for over 20 years and has struggled with this very same issue.  The sooner you come to terms with it, the sooner you will become one…with basketball. WHO IS THIS ROODY-POO! (sorry, I had to end it with my favorite Rock quote).

May 5, 2009 - Posted by | NFL FOOTBALL

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