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Hell Has Frozen Over…

Suns Knicks BasketballThat’s the only way I can explain the Phoenix Suns’ loss to the New York Knicks.  Not only did they lose, but David Lee took a shit (excuse my language) on Amare Stoudemire. Let’s compare starting lineups: Suns have Nash, Shaq, Amare, Grant Hill and J-Rich while the Knicks have Chris Duhon, Jared Jeffries, Q-Rich, David Lee and Wilson Chandler? Who? What? HUH?  Something is wrong in Phoenix, and I might be mistaken but it all goes back to the Shawn Marion for Shaq trade. The Suns traded quickness and defense for 1/2 court offense and a lot of catchy phrases.  Then D’Antoni leaves in the offseason for $$$ in NY and to top it off, they trade Raja Bell and Boris Diaw for J-Richardson. This team still has talent but they’re going nowhere, fast. I hate to say it but they need an escape goat, a shake-up. Sorry Terry Porter, but this team is underachieving, BIG TIME and it’s all your fault.  The longer it takes for this team to gel, the older they get.  With 3 of their starting five over the age of 34, the biological clock for this Suns’ team is ticking fast. If you don’t agree, I’d love to hear your reason why the Suns are sucking it up.  And PLEASE, don’t tell me the Knicks are good.

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