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Welcome to the NBA Greg Oden

459017852_6d4723045bRemember this guy? Dare I say he’s back. I think? Anyway, it’s about freakin’ time.  I’m sick of defending Greg Oden to my friends.  I remembered him in college, tearing it up with a broken hand. Then came the NBA, landing on the injured list his rookie year, microfracture surgery.  Enter the ’08-09 season full of promises and dreams, and el stiffo has been nothing but a disappointment, showing flashes of brilliance every full moon or so.  Bynum or Oden, Oden or Bynum.  I stuck by Oden, even through the ridicule of all my peers.  And, as if someone has been listening to my prayers, bring on the fat chicks of the NBA, the slumpbusters, a.k.a. the New Jersey Nets.  Career high 24 points and career tying 15 rebounds.  Throw in 2 blocks and 2 steals and whala!!! Nice game.  Now if you’re reading this Mr. Oden, you can’t have another big game the next time a shitty team comes around.  You gotta play big every minute of every game, like maybe against the Cleveland Cavs on Wednesday. That’s the only way I’ll, I mean you’ll get the respect you deserve. We know you got it in you buddy, maybe your second year in the league might be a good time to show it? Nothing says “I’ve arrived” like back to back double doubles. I’d ask for a triple-double but that might be pushing it… Baby steps, baby steps.

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