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What the Hell Happened to Jermaine O’Neal?

ONeal Pacers BasketballJermaine O’Neal’s career has been a long journey.  Being drafted straight out of high school, many, including myself thought that it was a mistake for both him and the Blazers. Of course, I was right. His first four years in Portland were HEINOUS, averaging under 4 ppg and 3 rbds a game. Finally, he was traded to the Pacers where he tore it up, averaging a double double in points and boards.  When he was sent to Toronto this season, I thought to myself, now the Raptors are contenders in the East. With 2 dominant big men, they were a sure shot in my opinion to make a deep run. But I forgot that other thing that O’Neal brough with him.  Known to most as age.  At 30 years old, O’Neal hasn’t played over 70 games in a season since the 2003-2004 season.  I’m not saying he’s soft, but…  O’Neal has been nothing but disappointing.  They’re 16-26, in the cellar of the Atlantic Division, behind (hope you’re sitting) the New York Knicks. Now there’s talk of trading him to Miami for Shawn Marion? Great move for the Raps, but WHY for Miami? Are the Heat looking to get older and shittier?  They have a sick young core that is going to be dangerous in 2 years with B-Easely, Chalmers and Flash.  O’Neal is not the answer for them or ANY team for that matter. The only team he should be playing for is the disabled list.  Though, I can see the Clippers getting him. Why not, that’s where has been big men with large contracts go to die. As for the Raptors, 1 step forward, two steps back. I guess that’s what a team gets for making Jason Kapono a franchise player.

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  1. This is very easy to understand. Think about it…who does Toronto always want to bring here?!?! Always someone near or on their last run. They only big names they get are out of the draft and they still need to prove themselves. If the players *cough*Carter*cough*McGrady*cough* wern’t so greedy and self centred, Toronto could have had a sick team and had a couple decent runs already. But now we have to settle for big names that are a couple years old and banged up. The title of this blog should be “Will Toronto ever learn?”

    Comment by C dot From the T dot | January 19, 2009 | Reply

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