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Hyperdunks: GANGSTA

2234151428_0c08c11f1dSo the new kicks already paid off dividends.  I’m at the local gym Saturday morning and I’m ballin’ fools up.  Now for those of you who don’t know me, at 6’1, 210 lbs, I play big. Beastin’ fools in the paint or the trenches as us big dogs like to call them.  Two possessions in a row, offensive rebound, put back AND ONE, they can’t stop me. Then I hear it from the fellas on the sideline, like music to my ears, “yo, that’s GANGSTA.”  Now I’ve been called many things on the court, anywhere from Duncan, to Garnett, even Ben Wallace (when he was good, though not to proud of that one).  Hell, I’ve even been asked what college I played for. Never been called “gangsta” on the court.  And I kinda like it. And I kinda owe it to the hyperdunks.  Because if I’m gangsta, the hyperdunks are my Tommygun. Don’t ask me if the hyperdunks (white/black white/black) were worth the $110 plus tax plus $8.00 shipping I paid for them – ask the guys who left the gym shaking their heads in disappointment.

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