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Class Bully is About to Get Knuckleheaded!!!

clippers1Who would have ever thunk it, Darius Miles the “hot” topic in the league… Now, I use that term “hot” very loosely. This guy hasn’t made headlines until he was drafted 3rd by the Clippers in 2000. Since then, some injuries, some weed, some racial slurs and this guy has been shipped around the league.  Now he’s back, after suffering what most, especially the Blazers, thought was a career ending microfracture surgery. The Blazers released him and saved BIG on cap space, as long as noone resigned him.  I guess the Memphis Grizzlies don’t have email. It  seems that if Mr. Miles plays 1 more game, the Portland Trailblazers can take their “legal action” threat and stick it where the sun don’t shine… Good for teh Grizz for standing putting the interests of their team first. Now I was never a big fan of Darius Miles, let’s get that straight. From the moment he stepped into the league with the Clippers, he and his boys Quentin Richardson and Keyon Dooling were nothing but street ballers that didn’t play a lick of defense.  Miles never developed into, well, anything.  All he could do is dunk the ball. No outside shot.  No inside game.  And at 6’9, 235 lbs, this anorexic basketball player learned quickly that without muscle, them injuries are a comin’.  Now, the Portland Trail Blazers are on the hook, monetarily of course, if he plays 1 more game.  Tonight, Miles went off for a whopping 13 points in 14 minutes. Look, let me not be too negative. That’s not too bad, it’s actually pretty good.  He did once drop 49 in one night, god only knows how. The guy has had a tough time coming back. Maybe he’ll change his Snoop Dogg attitude this time and contribute to this young Grizzlies’ team on and off the court.  Then again, if I’m Grizzlies’ management, I don’t want this guy coming close to my young and impressionable nucleus (Mayo, Gasol, Lowrie, Gay, etc.) But on Friday, when he enters the game against the Jazz, it’s all but over for the Portland Trail Blazers and any chance of a big offseason acquisition.  Looks like it’ll be the Oden/Roy combo, or as most like to call it, Roy/Roy combo for a couple more years.

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