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Hyperdunks: Gooder than Good…

vince20carter20olympic20dunk4gThis will probably be the last article I do on these shoes, but I had to give a shoutout.  My new pair of kicks, Nike Hyperdunks white/black white/black, arrived yesterday.  Left on the doorstep, I was sure that they were going to get jacked before I came home from work.  The hardcore streets of Glendale are no joke. Unfortunately for my opponents though, they were there.  Straight to the gym, and these shoes felt like a million bucks as soon.  I slipped in my size 12s and I was walking on air. That’s right, size 12, 6’1, 205+ lbs.   I’m not saying that the shoes gave me extra hops or took me to a different level, but… Maybe it’s the level of confidence? Maybe it’s the extra ankle support or the aerodynamics of the shoe? The looks?  Maybe it’s bullshit?  I think it’s superficial and mental.  I mean, image is a big everythin right?  I’m down either way.  The sickest looking shoes I’ve seen in ages let alone on the court.  Anything that can improve my game deserves a shot. Now I promise not to turn this into a daily log of my Nikes, but if you got the extra cash, $110 to be exact, these are the kicks for you. Luckily there was a spectator at the gym taking a picture of me. People are always mixing me up with Vince Carter… Don’t know why though?

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  1. I was going through my list of Favorites websites when I noticed this one. Needless to say I was curious about the status of “On the Buzzer” and the love I use to see between Romik, Eddie and Ara. So I get on the site, and what do I notice? It has become Ara’s space for random thoughts. Your Nike Hyperdunks? C’mon man!

    Comment by Serge | January 13, 2009 | Reply

    • I wouldn’t expect someone who plays junior varsity to understand the concept of the HYPERDUNKS!!!

      Comment by Ara | January 14, 2009 | Reply

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