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andrew-bynumYes.  So far, so good.  That’s what I’m labeling him. Last year, everybody was chanting that Bynum is solid.  Bynum is dominating. Bynum is the next Shaq, no, no, better than Shaq.  Well, I’m coming out and saying it, he’s a freakin’ bust. I’m not saying he sucks.  He’s just not that superstar that everyone (except me) thought he was/is going to be.  He’s a dunker, that’s it.  But the worst kind too, one that can’t bang on someone.  Last year when he was piling up his “career” stats before he got injured, most people didn’t realize where he got his points from.  Not from a sexy drop step or a fadeway J ala Hakeem the Dream or even a hook shot.  How ’bout Kobe drives and Kobe dishes? Kobe commanding a double/triple team, leaving Bynum open…for a dunk. Heck, he’s the fourth option, at best on the team today.  He doesn’t get playing time during minutes that count.  He’s usually on the bench sulking and has even resorted to complain in public. I’ll give him credit, he gathers a bunch of boards, but at 10 points a game, a superstar he ain’t. I had a discussion with a friend the other day about who’s better, him or Greg Oden. I truly think Oden has greater upside. At least he tore it up in college and will hopefully return to form. The new debate between these two will be who’s buster, Bynum or Oden? I hope these stiffs prove me wrong. Or else we’ll be forgetting about the Sam Bowie debacle.

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