The TRUTH about Sports

Hyperdunk: ’nuff said.

24820101_wFinally, after years of nasty shoe after nasty shoe, the wait is over.  The latest craze in basketball shoes…presented by NIKE of course, hyperdunks.  NBA players are rockin them, as are most everyone I hoop it up with on the court. Most of my friends have them and they can’t stop ranting and raving about ’em.  Myself, don’t have them yet.  The shoe is too tough find in my size, 12 for the big dog.  That, plus the hefty $110 plus tax price tag is lingering over my head.  I’m sure I’ll get them within then next few days/weeks, but I just need some self-convincing and a little justifying. Either way, kudos for finally coming out with a good shoe.  Now I can stop looking at those nasty Lebrons… By the way, I’m not getting paid to write this ad.  The shoe just gets me misty eyed every time I see it.  I actually believe that it will up my game, not that I need it.

December 31, 2008 - Posted by | NFL FOOTBALL

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