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Lakers Fans Content?

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Alright, they beat the Boston Celtics, at the Staples Center, on Christmas Day. But are Lakers’ fans satisfied? The idiots are. I’m a cynic. I love the Lakers but I’m not convinced. First, they barely won. Don’t let the final score fool you. This was a 2-point game with less than 2 minutes to play. The Lakers HAD to win this game. The Celts had nothing to lose. Remember, they waxed LA last year in the finals. This was just another regular season game for them. As to how the Lakers won? A few lucky, I mean big shots by Pau Gasol: 15-foot jumper, 7 -foot jumper, and a runner/lay-up. I guarantee you he doesn’t hit these shots 90% of the time come playoff time. I’m worried folks, worried for Lakers’ fans out there who are blinded by their stellar record. The team still needs something. The starting lineup just isn’t doing it for me. Luke Walton needs to move back to his natural position, bench warmer. Radmanovic needs to get back into the starting lineup. I don’t know, it seemed to be working earlier in the season. Now, they’re just a scrappy bunch who are barely beating teams like the Knicks (at home) and Memphis and losing games to Indiana, Sacramento and Miami, all on the road. I’ll give them credit though, they’re beating the bigs of the league, in New Orleans, Dallas, Houston, Denver, and Portland. Let’s hope this win against Boston set them back on the right path of domination. In fact, let’s just cross our fingers…

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