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How Good Are the Boston Celtics???

SCARY GOOD.  The difference between these guys and the Los Angeles Lakers? Try attitude.  Toughness. Grit. Pride.  You’ll never see the Celtics lose to the Sacramento Kings.  After watching what they did to the Lakers in the finals last year, I’m still worried. The Celtics beat the Jazz Monday night en route to their umteeenth win in a row.  It’s no longer the Big 3.  All 5 starters in double digits, including two double-doubles and one almost triple double. The only cink in this green armor that I see is in their bench.  But the way these guys are playing, they don’t even need to play a 6th or 7th man.  Most people would probably think that the hunger for these aging veterans would’ve been satisfied after a championship.  Think again… The Celtics are playing better than ever, demolishing almost every opponent they’ve faced this year. The big test for both these powerhouses comes on X-Mas day at Staples.  This game is probably bigger for LA than it is for Boston.  Something tells me its not going to be a very merry X-Mas in tinseltown.

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  1. What it going on with these guys now, buddy?? looks like they have lost that “attitude” they once had. They will regain some momentum back before the break though. Laker/Celtic finals…Lakers in 7 games, with kobe making a shot, now get this, ON THE BUZZER!!!

    Comment by The Duke | January 11, 2009 | Reply

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