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NYC Accepting Applications for Biggest MUFF

Well folks, it’s come down to just two, Stephon Marbury and Plaxico Burress. Who wants it more?  Who’s gonna be more of a distraction to his team?  Who can be more selfish?  It seems like it was just last year when the NY cleansed itself of the last remaining douchebags in its sports team, in Isaiah Thomas and Jeremy Shockey. But what a pleasant surprise to the rest of the nation when Starbury and Plax felt it necessary to step up and carry the torch of their forefathers. With Plaxico out for the rest of the year, it’s just a matter of time before Starbury’s career in NY is over. Kudos to the NY Giants’ organization for placing him on the non-injured reserve list for the rest of the season, whatever their reason might be. I would love to see the G-men go all the way this year, AGAIN, without Burress.  His overpaid, overrated-ass needs a big slice of humble pie.  Why does he have a gun on him anyway?  Does this guy think he’s a thug? Am I the only one that finds it funny that he shot himself?  Maybe he should go talk to Mike Vick about how easy it is to throw away your career.  As for Stephon, in his defense, he just wants what he’s owed.  The Knicks should’ve never taken on that ginormous contract of his.  And frankly, now they have to pay the price. If they’re smart, they’ll put their pride aside and buy this guy out and chalk it up to another “Knick-up.”  Either that, or they should have him ride the pine and rot away for the rest of the season.  I can’t imagine any team in the league that would want someone like this on there roster.  Plus, his shoes are the nastiest shoes I’ve ever seen. I’d rather wear pro-wings from payless shoes. Oh well, keep it up might Plax and Steph, because yes, you both are above the law and above us all.  After all, without you, we’d have nothing to laugh write about.

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