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LOCK of the Week

OK, OK, so I didn’t come through for you guys last week.  NO, actually you know what, the Patriots didn’t come through for you guys last week. Yeah, Bill Belichik didn’t come for through for us.  Tom Brady failed us again. Yeah, so did Giselle Bunchin…mmmm.  Giselle…  Me, well, I’m 6-4 on the season, still not too shabby, still on the plus.  Been doing a lot of sould searching this past week.  A lot of wondering what went wrong in my life, where I went wrong.  But that’s a different article for a different blog. Ready for this week’s pick/lock, here goes nothing… Minnesota Vikings at the Jacksonville Jaguars -2.  Take the Jags and the points. The Vikes are in the thick of a playoff spot with a WHOPPING 5-5 record. The Jags on the other hand, are already playing for next year.  So why would you take the Jags you ask? Don’t be fooled. 5 of 6 of the Jags’ losses are by 7 points or less.  These guys just have problems finishing games. The Jags are stacked with talent. Throw in the fact that this is a home game and you got yourself a “LOCK of the Week.”

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