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KOBE: “I just wanted to shoot it in his face”

Lakers Hornets Basketball??? Ok, time to get your minds out of the gutter, it was actually a quote from Kobe after he nailed a 3-pointer in the face of James Posey of New Orleans Hornets. Some KEY points to remember: Yes, the Lakers beat the Hornets 93-86 in what was their biggest test of the season. Yes, the Lakers haven’t lost a game this season, yet. Yes, the Lakers are the best team in the NBA, right now. Finally, NO, the Lakers are not going 82-0.  After watching this game, tell me Chris Paul isn’t the best point guard in the league? Kudos to the Miluakee Bucks in drafting Andrew Bynum that year and the Atlanta Hawks in Marvin Williams.  Talk about setting your franchise back a decade.  Anyway, back to Hollywood, back to LA where the weather’s not the only thing that’s perfect. Enjoy the streak while it lasts.  Looking at the Lakers’ schedule, I’m predicting November 20 at Phoenix as the day it comes to an end.  Sorry.

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