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Dodgers’ Fight Back

Let’s look past the box score; the W, the Hiroki Kuroda performance, the 7-2 shelacking that was handed to the Phillies.  The real win came in the 3rd inning, after Dodgers catcher Russell Martin was thrown at, again. Enter Kuroda, launching a warning pitch over the head of the crazy Hawaiian, Shane Victorino bro. He never meant to hurt him, never even came close to contact.  But the pitch sent a message: DON’T F#@! WITH US.  Well it’s about time.  Chad Billingsley, take notes.  We’ve all watched baseball long enough, so when someone at our team gets thrown at, by rule, the pitcher retaliates at the next possible opportunity.  And with the Dodgers up 6-2, Kiroda had the green light.  Now that the momentum has changed jerseys, the Dodgers have an opportunity to even up the series on Monday.  Tell me you guys didn’t see Manny Ramirez out there backing up his boys.  I know a lot of people are going to say that he’s just faking it, but you know what, who cares?  He’s a Dodger right now and that’s pretty much all that matters.  Let’s go Blue, tell me the world doesn’t want to see a Manny v. Red Sox World Series, I know I do.

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  1. looks like the Red Sox were the unlucky ones in this matchup! Go Rays! (their fans are nowhere near as obnoxious)

    Comment by Sarah | October 22, 2008 | Reply

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