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Al Davis: Commitment to Failure

So, it looks like it might all go down this week.  For those of you who have been living in a cave for the past year, Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis and head coach Lane Kiffin have been butting heads.  Davis wants Kiffin to quit so he doesn’t have to pay his contract.  Kiffin wants to be paid.  In Kiffin’s defense, Davis is a moron.  I wouldn’t quit either.  I want my millions. Kiffin was a solid coach in SC. He’s done the best he can with a horrible team, let alone a meddling miser like Davis. Davis has been keeping this team down for years.  He didn’t like Mike Shanahan and look what he’s done/doing in Denver.  There’s a line that owners aren’t supposed to cross and Davis crossed it years ago. The owner is supposed to “own.”  Davis is trying to play head coach.  He wants Kiffin to be a puppet.  Let me tell you, I’ve hated the Raiders ever since I could remember (go Chiefs!!!).  But now I just feel sorry for those players.  The Raiders have talent.  They have McFadden, Jamarcus and Michael Bush for starters. Rumors have Davis interviewing the coaching staff for a replacement like Paul Hackett.  If you don’t know who he is, go and see what he did with the USC Trojans and the Kansas City Chiefs.  If this team is going to move on, they need to “cut” Davis.  Unfortunately, he holds the cards. Frankly, the league needs to step in.  The Clippers of the NFL are making fools of themselves, and they owe it all to their owner. Time to start the movement, FIRE AL DAVIS!!! FIRE AL DAVIS!!! FIRE AL DAVIS!!!

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