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OK, week 3 of the NFL is coming to a close and the questions are  being asked, who’s the worst team in the league.  There are five teams in the league that are currently winless (Rams, Lions, Chiefs, Texans, Bengals). Looking at these 5 teams, some have injury problems, some have bad luck, and some are just plain bad run franchises, which leads me direclty to the Kansas City Chiefs.  The Chiefs, how should I put this… are garbage.  They haven’t had a legit quarterback in years and refuse to sign any vets.  They have a decent receiving corp., with Bowe, but Gonzales is getting old. Their running back is a crybaby and overrated.  Their defensive and offensive lines…horrible.  I know, I sound frustrated. But I need to vent. See, I’m a Chiefs’ fan. I’ve been watching these guys be the doormat of the AFC West, let alone the AFC.  They never get a top pick. They rarely get into the playoffs, and when they do sneak in, they get bounced in the first round.  The Arrowhead faithful deserve better. I deserve better.  See, I know what the problem is.  Chiefs fans are thinking it, but are afraid to say it. But ONTHEBUZZER fears no one: FIRE HERM EDWARDS!!! FIRE HERM EDWARDS!!! FIRE HERM EDWARDS!!! When the Chiefs first hired this guy, I thought to myself, awesome, a tough, smashmouth type head coach that’ll punch you in the face if you cross him.  Maybe it would rub off on the team.  What did we get instead?  A head coach who has a win-loss record of 13-22.  A coach that couldn’t concoct a successful offensive scheme against a junior varsity team.  A head coach who doens’t know how to maximize the talent of Dwayne Bowe, Tony Gonzales and Larry Johnson. A head coach who’s only contriution to the league is a funny sound clip given as a Jet Coach. With Edwards leagin the helm, the Chiefs are going nowhere. With that said, the award of worst team in 2008 (so far) goes to you Kansas City Chiefs, don’t forget to thank the little people.

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