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Time for the biggest game in college football this season.  Time for the biggest game in Trojans’ country since the Rosebowl against Vince Young and the Texas Longhorns. Time for the biggest game in Ohio State Buckeyes history and the Big Ten.  Let’s stop this “Beanie Wells is doubtful” bullshit.  Everybody in Ohio knows he’s playing.  Everybody in LA knows he’s playing.  If Jim Tressel needs to con his players and have Beanie show up on Saturday and “pick up” his team as a last minute motivational tool, then he’d better head back to Ohio right now.  Enough of the shenanigans, the reverses, the options, the fake injury reports. SC’s ready. The fans are ready to go.  I’m gonna be there, right on top of the tunnel.  So when SC is done beating the Beanie out of the Well, the fans are gonna razzle the Buckeyes all the way to the locker room. Weanie Wells is going to wish he never got on the plane to LA.  He’s gonna wish he redshirted this year.

The key to this game, defense.  And who has the best in the corp. in the country? SC DOES!!!  Brian Cushing and Ray Maualuga. Heard of them? How about Kevin Ellison and Taylor Mays? Not ringing a bell. Maybe an Everson Griffin? These guys will all be playing in the pros in a year or two. I’m not gonna even get into the offense.  Not enough time. Jim Tressel better have a couple (hundred) aces up his sleeve. The flickering reputation of the Big Ten is riding on this game. The Big Ten is weak is what every sports announcer, analyst and frankly anyone with half have been preaching.   They haven’t won an important game in years. They’re light years away from the Pac-10, SEC, and Big 12. Some might even say the WAC is a tougher conference (yes, even the WAC). As for the Buckeyes, no pressure ladies.  This weekend will come and go.  You’ll be in the same position as you were, an overrated team that can’t win an important game. Next time, try scheduling a game with a team in your league, like…Youngstown State or something. I hear they’re the next up and comers.

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