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Vince Young: “Stop! You’re Hurting My Feelings”

So, Vince Young’s feelings are hurt.  After going down in game 1 of the NFL season with a sprained knee, the Titans’ fans, his Titans fans, booed him.  Guess what buddy, this ain’t college anymore.  The difference between college and NFL has never been so apparent to me.  Look at Matt Lienart and Reggie Bush, 2 huge studs in college, teetering on the brink of duds in the pros. I got some advice for Vince: You were the #3 pick in the 2006 draft. You signed a 6-year $58 million contract with a $26 million guaranteed signing bonus. Suck it up and play.  It’s part of the game.  You should actually feel flattered; fans only boo the athletes that they have great expectations from.  It’s when they stop booing you when you should start worrying. The first 2 year of your career we can forget, growing pains. We won’t talk about how you’ve thrown more career interceptions (30), than touchdowns (21), and that’s not even talking about your performance on Sunday. Let’s see, 1 game, 12-22, 110 yds, 1 td, 2 ints. But let’s not forget to factor in your scrambling skills, 1 rush, 4 yds. I will give you one excuse though, your wide receivering corp. is a joke.  But that’s it.  You can’t use that excuse for 3 straight years.  This is the big leagues, the show.  This is your team.  Kerry Collins isn’t taking over diddly.  Take a few weeks off.  Get your head on straight.  Tell Titans owner Bud Adams to start making some moves in the WR department.  In one month, we want to see you back on the field.  We have faith in you Vince. Dig down inside. Bring us that Vince that torched SC in the Rosebowl, the Vince that led his team to the playoffs last year.  The Vince that everyone thought was the best player in the 2006 draft. Let’s go buddy, BREAK!!!

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  1. I like the steelers and I don’t think he’s that bad stop making fun of him it took peyton manning a while to devolp. So stop it he isn’t ben roethlisberger but he’s will devolp. Go buckeyes and go steelers.

    Comment by matthew | September 12, 2008 | Reply

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