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A Win’s A Win, Right?

OdomIt wasn’t pretty, they gave up another monstrous lead but this time Los Angeles Lakers edged out the Boston Celtics 103-98. The good news for the Lakers, Lamar Odom came to play again. 8-10 field goals, 3-3 free throws,20 points, 11 rebounds, and 4 blocks. The bad news: the series is going back to Boston. With no one able to check Paul Pierce, the Lakers won’t have a chance. I’ve never seen the Lakers play worse defense. They can’t stop anyone from driving. I look back at the Utah and San Antonio series and wonder how the Lakers stopped/contained Deron Williams and Tony Parker? As for the finals, we might have to send an A.P.B. on Kobe Bryant. He’s just not finishing like he’s supposed to. I’m not saying he’s no Jordan, but the play where he just dribbles the ball near the half court line and drives to the hoop while the rest of the team spreads the floor just ain’t cuttin’ it. It’s time for Zenmaster Phil to make the adjustment. If the Lakers take game 6… BIG IF…but that would be sick (in a good way).

June 15, 2008 - Posted by | nba

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