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I’ve never seen a worse officiating then what exists in the NBA.  I don’t know if they’re trying to please the home crowd or what, but the referees this post-season are deciding games, even series.  When Leon Powe, a second year power forward from the Boston Celtics who’s been averaging 2 points a game in the playoffs, shoots more free throws (13) than the entire Los Angeles Lakers team, including MVP Kobe Bryant, something is up.  I’m sitting and watching the game and I’m thinking to myself, where the hell are the fouls?  The contact is there, but what happened to the whistles? I’ve seen one-sided officiating before, but this is preposterous.  The Refs better make it up in Games 3-5 or else this website’s gonna boycott the NBA.

June 8, 2008 - Posted by | nba

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  1. I agree that NBA REFEREES SUCK. Winning fair and square is one thing but when the refs become so partial to a team or a player that it completely changes the outcome of the game it is absolutely infuriating. I have always been a hockey player / fan and never cared for basketball because of all the passive agressive fouls. Ex; guy with the ball mows down defender making it look like they couldn’t shoot and the defender gets the foul. Athletes or actors? After watching the crap the refs pulled with Nowitzsky of the Mavoricks letting him constantly shoot free throws until they win a game was so obvious and so pathetic it ruined the game and series for myself and many others. Now you got Kobe Bryant, one of the biggest whiners I’ve ever seen, having the games handed to him when he should have the talent to win without help. But the fact is the Lakers don’t have the depth the Nuggets do. They have Bryant and the rest aren’t enough to do it so they bring in the refs and bingo, they win. Game two didn’t go as they planned but the first half had equally unfair calls against the Nuggets. Screw the NBA and I just won’t watch it like I did to the NHL and Baseball. Don’t need them as they seem to think. People are to influenced to be corrupt so I agree, there needs to be checks and balances. Instant replay would definitely help.

    Comment by Hockey Player | May 24, 2009 | Reply

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