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How Sick Is Kobe Bryant!?!?!

And oh yeah, the Lakers advance to the finals too.  I’ve never seen a player that can turn it on at any given time.  Kobe is probably, no definitely the best player to ever play the game.  Yes, EVER (sorry MJ). He is unstoppable.  He’s at the peak of his game; I can’t imagine him getting any better. On Thursday night, the Lakers went down by 17, didn’t panic, then beat the "World Champion" Spurs.  Thanks to Kobe and his 39 points on 16-30 shooting.  That’s over 50% for a shooting guard that’s was supposedly being guarded by one of the better defensive players in the league. Sure he’s one of the most hated players in the league, selfish, smellfish, but the guy finally has some decent talent around him and look at the gaudy numbers he puts up game in, game out.  You can bet that both Eastern Conference teams were cheering for the Spurs to go to the finals.  Talk about matchups and mis-matches… Time to start the parade in LA, I wonder who’ll do the Mark Madsen dance this year???

May 29, 2008 - Posted by | nba

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