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Miami Heat: From Promising to Broken Promises

miami heat onthebuzzer.comHow the hell did the Miami Heat get so bad? Talk about father time pulling a fast one over our eyes.  As of right now, they have the 2nd worst record in the league at 8-29.  They’re worse than Memphis, Seattle and EVERY team in the Eastern Conference, including folks, the New York Knicks.  Dwayne Wayne is injured.  I get it.  Shaq is old. I get it.  Ricky Davis is a no good thug. Truth.  Jason Williams…well his nickname “white chocolate” says it all. But they got rid of Antoine Walker.  Shouldn’t they be better?  Unfortunately they also traded away Wayne Simien, who I though had some potential. The real Udonis Haslem has reared his head.  Then again, offseason pickups like Smush Parker and Luke Jackson probably aren’t helping the cause either. Sure there’s some promising young talent like Daequan Cook and  Dorrell Wright, but this team is a mere fraction of that championship team a few years ago.  As for the heart of the Heat, it left the stadium the day Alonzo got injured.  Heat fans, enjoy the cellar of the NBA.

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Boston Celtics: Cold Hard Facts

ray allen onthebuzzer.comThat’s right folks, the Boston Celtics are human.  They win some game, they lose some games.  No, they’re not going to beat Michael Jordan’s Bulls’ single season record. After losing two games in a row to the Washington Wizards sans Gilbert Arenas, many were ready to call the Celts overrated. But every team has that one achilles heal.  Not to say that the Wiz are the Celtics’ yet, but they sure came close to it this week.  As for the Celts, don’t panic Bostonians, I’m sure they just got bored.  After Ray Allen dropped 35 on the red hot Blazers on Wednesday night, the boys in green are back on track. With upcoming games against the Sixers, Knicks and Raptors, you can bet that KG and the fellas will be back on another winning streak.

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NFL Conference Championships

lombardi trophy onthebuzzer.comHere goes nothing…With 2 games left to the Superbowl, do I have some winners for you.  For the record, I’m 6-1-1 in the playoffs.  Not bad for crunch time…

NY Giants at Green Bay Packers -7:  The Giants’ bubble will burst this weekend.  No way will Eli repeat last week’s performance, especially on the frozen tundra. Ryan Grant’s first playoff game jitters are outta the way, Brett Farve’s destined to go to the Superbowl and take down the Pats. This is a no-brainer.

San Diego Chargers @ New England Patriots -14:  Don’t get fooled by the big spread.  The Chargers are hurting in the RB, QB, and most every other position.  The Pats are gonna spank L.T. and his crew for talking smack after last season’s playoff loss. Major ass-whoopin’ coming up.

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