The TRUTH about Sports

EFF Roger Clemens

Just come out and say it buddy, you cheated, you took ‘roids.  The signs are there.  Let me guess, you started pitchingroger clemens onthebuzzer.com your best stuff after the age of 40, right?  Your best friend Andy Petite admitted to using the juice but you knew nothing about that?  Great relationship you have.  Does anyone believe this guy?  And the nerve of Clemens to say that he doesn’t give a “rat’s ass” about the Hall of Fame.  Don’t sweat it buddy, because once this thing concludes, your name won’t be even mentioned with the Hall.  You can go and hang out with Rafael “Mr. I have NEVER used steroids” Palmeiro, Sammy “Mr. I don’t speak English” Sosa, and Mark “Mr. I have been advised by my attorney not to say anything” McGwire. Take notes from Jason Giambi, he admitted it, served time and is not back in the bigs.  Sure he sucks, but at least he can hold his head up high. Get lost Clemens, baseball would be a much better place without you types.  And do all of us a favor, don’t ever go and touch the Babe’s statue again.

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  1. Why do you need Lance Phamrstrong to tell you about steroids and cow blood transfusions????

    They all dope.

    From Curt Schilling to Roid Clemens to landis to Phamrstrong to Kobe to Tiger Woods too.

    From Marion Jones to Maria Sarapova to Martina Hingis to Justin Gatlin to Tom Brady.

    1,000,000 US teens use sterodis today.

    Did you really think that Disney-ESPN was honest?????

    TV = fraud and deception

    Comment by disney-ESPN.pharmacy | January 8, 2008 | Reply

  2. OK guys, post season is over, it’s time to remember your wife or girlfriend. Maybe you better make up for ignoring her for most of January. How about a Valentines gift from 1-800-Flowers.com (http://www.1800flowers.com)

    Comment by JBall | February 10, 2008 | Reply

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