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We Don’t Care if Our Son Smells Like S#@!

pigpen onthebuzzer.comOK, his mom washes the jersey twice a week.  It’s been in the news since the Packers beat the Lions in Lambeau in the season finale.  11-year old Dave Witthoft has worn the same Brett Favre jersey since he got it as a X-mas present in 2003.  That’s right folks 2003.  Think about all the money his family has saved from not buying him new gear.  Think about all people this kid has offended with that stanky jersey. I know, it gets washed a couple time a week, but still… That’s a die hard fan folks, at the ripe old age of 7… The kid has stated that he might be getting too big for the jersey and the streak might come to an end.  Ummm…yeah buddy, if you have any thoughts of getting laid in the future, you might wanna consider that.  It might be cool and cute in elementary school, but I don’t think the chicks will dig it in high school. Just my opinion though.

January 3, 2008 - Posted by | NFL

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