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ben roethlisberger onthebuzzer.comOK, so my regular season didn’t go so well. But the post-season is where I step up. I’m a clutch players, everyone around me knows that, or at least I’m sure they’re thinking it.  But without any further delay, here are my picks for this upcoming playoff weekend. I’m feeling good about these.

Saturday’s Games:

Redskins @ Seahawks -3.5:  Seattle is one of the toughest places to play.  The Seahawks have been flying under the radar the whole season.   Their passing game is solid and can put up some major points.  I can’t see the ‘skins hanging offensively with the ‘hawks.  Take the home team.

Jaguars -2.5 @ Steelers: The only home team to be an underdog. Call me crazy, but I like the Steelers.  There’s no way that they get beat at home twice in the same season. The cold weather will have an effect on those guys from the south.  Look for Ben and Co. to surprise all…

Sunday’s Games:

Giants @ Buccaneers -3: NY is playing well.  They are a good team.  Their offensive is clicking even without Shockey.  As long as Manning doesn’t throw the game away, they have a chance to win. Bucs have a hard time putting up points. Take the Giants with the points, don’t get crazy and go for the money line.

Titans @ Chargers -9: Chargers beat the Titans in Tennessee during the regular season.  Vince’s quad is hurting and will affect his mobility.  Norv Turner has finally learned that L.T.=win.  Look for the Chargers to pound and give the Titans a big dose of L.T. Take San Diego with the points.

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We Don’t Care if Our Son Smells Like S#@!

pigpen onthebuzzer.comOK, his mom washes the jersey twice a week.  It’s been in the news since the Packers beat the Lions in Lambeau in the season finale.  11-year old Dave Witthoft has worn the same Brett Favre jersey since he got it as a X-mas present in 2003.  That’s right folks 2003.  Think about all the money his family has saved from not buying him new gear.  Think about all people this kid has offended with that stanky jersey. I know, it gets washed a couple time a week, but still… That’s a die hard fan folks, at the ripe old age of 7… The kid has stated that he might be getting too big for the jersey and the streak might come to an end.  Ummm…yeah buddy, if you have any thoughts of getting laid in the future, you might wanna consider that.  It might be cool and cute in elementary school, but I don’t think the chicks will dig it in high school. Just my opinion though.

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Detroit Pistons: Don’t Look Now

That’s right folks, DEEETROIIIIIT BASKETBALL is in full effect. The Pistons have won 10 games in a row.  They have arip hamilton onthebuzzer.com 25-7 record and yes, one of those wins is against the mighty Boston Celtics at the Garden.  While most people are staring in awe at how the Celtics are dismantling opponents, the Pistons are flying under the radar.  But make no mistake, this Detroit team has the potential to go all the way.  Chauncey Billups, Tayshaun Prince, Rasheed Wallace, and Rip Hamilton and Antonio McDyess give this team probably one of the best starting 5s in the league, let alone the East. Their bench isn’t too shabby either, with PF Jason Maxiell, Jarvis Hayes, Lindsey Hunter and newly acquired Primo Brezec. With that said, don’t be surprised if this team punches your team in the mouth come playoff time. Don’t come running to me because I’m gonna give you a mouthful of “I told you so(s).”

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Oklahoma Sooners: Maybe Bowl Games Aren’t Their Thing?

west virginia mountaineers onthebuzzer.comAnother BCS game, another loss.  On Wednesday, the Okalhoma Sooners dropped their 4th consecutive Bowl game, this time to the West Virginia Mountaineers 48-28, sans their head coach Rich Rodriguez (who bolted for Michigan), sans their leading running back Steve Slaton. Some teams just aren’t made for the big time.  Some, like the USC Trojans love Bowl games (except when Vince Young is on the other side of the line). This game was filled with bad playcalling by the Sooners from the get go, like going for 2 points early in the game and then failing at an onside kick in the 1st half, which led to a Mountaineers touchdown. As for quarterback Pat White and W. Virginia, 150 rushing yds, 176 passing yds, 2 tds, what else can you ask for? It’s funny, I guess, how teams rumble through the regular season, but just can’t seem to put it together when it counts.  Huh, funny, funny until it happens to your team…

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The Bad News-Losing;The Good News-Going Home

uga onthebuzzer.comThe Hawaii Warriors got their asses kicked on Wednesday against the Georgia Bulldogs, 41-10.  My boy Colt Brennan, 3 pics, no Tds. What a bust…  I’ve been singing the Colt for Heisman tune all year long and this is how he repays me.  I guess the rumors were true, easy schedule = bad news when you play a legitimate opponent.  Well, hopefully Colt will get a chance in the NFL to redeem himself.  As for the rest of the Warriors, at least they get to go back home to the beautiful Hawaii.  Not a bad consolation gift, huh??? UGAAAAAA!!!

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