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Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Credit Where It’s Due

jeff garcia onthebuzzer.comFirst thing first: time to give credit when credit is due. Jeff Garcia has brought a spark to Tampa that has ignited a fire under both the old and new Bucs. The old regime remembers how it feels to be at the big one and wants  more. The new are now pushing through that brick wall of a long season, getting their second wind and those who have answered the call when they’ve been given their chance have done so. While talk show hosts talk about if Gruden should be offered another contract (he should), McNabb being on the market (who cares, too much drama), if Tampa makes the playoffs and lose their first game or the best one yet after bashing our team at the beginning of the year now you complain that no Bucs made the Pro Bowl.As a fan, please shut up.  Let us enjoy the moment and no matter what happens at the end of the year, when it’s all said and done the one thing you can take to the bank.  The Buccaneers had heart this year and put it on the line every game. We the fans thank you for your hard work. Congratulations for winning the South NFC Championship.

This article and photo contributed by our Tampa Bay Buccaneers correspondent and youtube colleague Spazpatches.

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Game Over Again for Pacman Jones

pacman onthebuzzer.comI was debating between the chosen heading or this “NFL Makes It Rain On Pacman Jones.” I kind of like the latter, but oh well. The Tennessee Titans oft troubled cornerback got some more bad news on Thursday. His appeal to play again in the 2007 season was denied. So looks like Pacman will have to watch his team make a run from the bleachers. Maybe next time this guy will use his brain before starting brawls or what not in public. I have a feeling that this won’t be his last sentence. Pacman is a thug and that’s the bottom line. I give him 1 year of being a good samaritan before this guys starts another fight in a strip club or wherever.

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Said It Ain’t So, Alonzo

ultimate warrior onthebuzzer.comultimate warrior onthebuzzer.com alonzo mourning onthebuzzer.com ultimate warrior onthebuzzer.comLooks like it’s all over for Miami Heat backup center Alonzo Mourning. The 6-10 big man tore his patellar tendon in his right knee in a loss to the Atlanta Hawks on Wednesday night. The former Georgetown Hoya  has been in the league for 15 years and has as of late fulfilled the role of Shaq’s backup in Miami. Listed at 6-10, it has always come as a surprise to me as how Zo has held his ground against usually bigger centers, blocking, scoring and basically banging around. A career 17.5 pts, 8.5 rbds, and 2.8 blks, I’m voting for Zo in the hall of fame. As one of my esteemed onthebuzzer colleagues told me,  this guy is the true definition of a warrior. I might even honor him by putting his wife’s pic on our  hot wife of thalonzo mourning onthebuzzer.comalonzo mourning onthebuzzer.come week section.

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Don’t Jump Bitch

pump fake onthebuzzer.comThe wretched pump fake rears it’s ugly head again. On Wednesday night, Chauncey Billups of the Detroit Pistons baited Celtics‘ Tony Allen in biting on his pump fake and fouling Billups with .10 seconds left, essentially losing the game. How many players have fallen to this ploy. Being an Los Angeles native, we have 2 of the inventors of the PF (that’s short for pump fake) playing at Staples. Old timer Sam Cassell from the Los Angeles Clippers has been fooling playas for years. And who can forget Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers, probably the best at this “move.” I can understand a big man pumpfaking another big, as the momentum of his body going one way is hard to stop. But a shooting guard? A point guard? Falling for this move time and time again, I mean c’mon. The Celtics are lucky that this wasn’t a playoff game. Then again, what was Tony Allen doing on the court in the final seconds of that game anyway. Fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice, shame on you.  

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