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Excuses Are Like Assholes, Everyone’s Got ’em

baseball and steroids onthebuzzer.comWith the disclosure of the Mitchell Report, where many steroid users and cheaters in MLB was revealed, some wrongdoers have come out and apologized.  I found it interesting, though, that may of the apologies are followed by “buts” and I don’t mean rear ends.  I mean excuses.  What happened to the good old fashioned “I’m sorry” and that’s it.  How about, I noticed everyone else doing it so I did it too to keep up.” Maybe a “I did it so I can sign for a bigger contract”  No, instead we get these:

Brian Roberts: “I was curious, I only used it once.”

Andy Pettite: “I did it to help me heal from injury.”

Fernando Vina: “Help me with my injuries.”

Paul Byrd: “It was under medical supervision.”

Roger Clemens, Astros P: “I didn’t do it.” Flat out denial not the way to go.

I got a piece of advice for these guys, just admit it or shut up. By the way, anyone wonder why Sammy Sosa wasn’t on this list.  Is it because it’s waaaay to obvious? I don’t know but I’m thinking there are plenty of names that are missing on this list.

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  1. No excuses at sendahole.com.

    Comment by Fred | December 20, 2007 | Reply

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