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Cincinnati Bengals: A Season of Disappointment

What a disappointing season by the Cincinnati Bengals. After winning their first game of the season against rival Baltimore, the Bengals went on to lose 5 of their next 6. They are essentially out of the playoffs and are headed to San onthebuzzer.com cincinnati bengalsFrancisco for a rare Saturday matchup, with a dismal 5-8 record. On paper, this team has one of the best offenses in the league, with Carson Palmer at the helm, perrenial 1000 yd rusher in Rudi Johnson, and the deadliest 1-2 wide receiver combo after those Colts in Chad Johnson and Houshmanzadeh. No defense, sure that’s a part of it. But this team is supposed to outscore their opponents. No chemistry, that’s what I call it. Too many bad apples in this bunch. Too many convicts. Too many problems. There is a reason why this team has become the laughing stock of the league. Maybe it’s time to trade Ocho Cinco. Sure there will be less touchdown dances to look forward to. But I’ll trade a dance for a victory anyday. What could go worse for this team? How about losing to a winless Miami Dolphins team on the last week of the season. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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  1. Quarterback controversy? As stated by the San Francisco Chronicle “Thrills from the Hill!” Third string quarterback Shaun Hill against first overall pick of the 2004 Draft Alex Smith? Hill allocated to NFL Europe’s Amsterdam Admirals in 2003(Named NFL Europe Offensive Player of the Week twice and led NFLE in passing yards with 2,256 and ranked tied for second with 13 touchdown passes, Passing yards led NFLE by more than 200 yards as he guided the most prolific offense in the NFL Europe League) threw his first NFL touchdown pass since playing in Amsterdam. San Francisco has not had its shortage of quarterback controversies. This harkens back to Montana – Young, Bono – Young, Elvis Grbac – Young, Garcia – Rattay? Ok maybe I’m getting carried away. The Vig, I mean, Ara must dedicate an article to this. Or at least the fued between Nolan and Smith. Or the Niners moving to SJ. Okay, I know this is not a Bay Area oriented site, however, the readers demand it! Nuthin finer, than a …

    Comment by 555 Masonic | December 16, 2007 | Reply

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