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Battle of the Draft Picks: Howard v. Okafor

dwight howard onthebuzzer.comFriday night featured a highly anticipated battle of the draft picks.  OK, maybe not highly anticipated. And maybe not a battle, more like an after school fight. But nevertheless, still an underlying story.  In the 2004 draft, Omeka Okafor was drafted #1 from UCONN by the Charlotte Bobcats. #2, was my man, your manchild, straight out of high school, Dwight Howard of the Orlando Magic . There really isn’t an argument as to who the better player is.  Howard has led his crappy team to the playoffs and to the 2nd best record in the eastern conference so far this year.  Okafor on the other hand, has led his team into a wall. Howard hasn’t missed a game in his NBA career yet and has failed to start just 1 while Okafor’s career has been plagued by injuries. I’ll give it to Omeka, his game has turned up a notch this year, averaging 14 pts, 11 rbs and 2 blks per game.  On Friday night against the Orlando Magic, he did show some flashes of brilliance, finishing the game with 16 pts and 12 boards.  Howard on the other hand, shined with a whopping 33 pts, 18 boards and 4 blocks.  I’m glad I picked up this kid in my fantasy league with my 2nd round pick, because he is averaging 23 and 15 and almost3 blocks per game.  I could imagine that the Charlotte brass didn’t want to take a risk with a high school kid. Looks like they lost anyway. As for the Orlando Magic, with another win tonight against the Bobcats, 103-87, it seems like they’ll be cruising to the Eastern Conference Finals against the Boston Celtics.  KG v. Dwight.  What else could you ask for?

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  1. You’re an idiot; Okafor was picked by the Bobcats, yes, but at number 2; Howad was the number 1 pick, for the magic. They never had a shot at Howard, so don’t go making spurious statements without checking the facts.

    Comment by bulleyah | May 25, 2008 | Reply

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