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Terrell Owens, the Mouth is Back

mouth of the south onthebuzzer.comAfter letting his skills do the talking, 14 tds and 1,270 receiving yards, Terrell Owens couldn’t control himself. A little off the field controversy with Keyshawn Johnson, wide receiver turned analyst, has sparked some comments from Owens.  Looks like Keyshawn has made statements where he gave credit to the Dallas Cowboys’ success to former coach Bill Parcells.  In response, Owens not only backed up his coach Wade Philips, but also verbally socked Key in the mouth, basically saying that he sucked. I’m no Key fan, I always thought that he was overrated and a bitch, throwing his teammates under the bus and blaming everyone but himself. Owens was an “I” guy too, but he’s a changed man. He needs to ignore Key’s comments, shut up and play ball. The last thing the Cowboys need is a distraction.  Owens has done a good job keeping his cool and focusing on football all year, now is not the time to stir it up and lose focus.  The Cowboys are the NFC favorite to make it to the Superbowl and the only thing that could stop them from getting there is Owens’ mouth.  So just zip it buddy.  You’re on my fantasy team, it’s playoff time for me, and I need you to light up the Eagles this weekend.

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