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Poor Rex Grossman

rex grossman onthebuzzer.comChicago Bears quarterback Rex Grossman sprained his left knee and will probably not return this season. Such a sweet little kid with a wholesome face and all he wants to do is come back to the Chicago Bears.  How can you say no to that?… Just like this NO, F-OFF, YOU SUCK. Not that their quarterback position is the only problem, but it’s one of the main ones.  The Bears simply do not have a quarterback that can make a freakin clutch passteve bartman onthebuzzer.coms consistently. From Grossman, to Griese, and probably to Orton. I know they got to the Superbowl last year, but we all know Rex had nothing to do with it (unless he secretly played defense).  How does a team go from Superbowl appearance to playoff disappearance in less than 12 months.  My opinion, Grossman is not a starting quarterback in this league.  Sorry kid.  Maybe a solid back-up but NEVER, EVER a starting quarterback.  Here’s a tip, go away, invest the money that you’ve stolen from the Bears in U.S. bonds or CDs and don’t ever show your face again, especially in Chicago. While you’re at it, take that Bartman guy from Wrigley with you.

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