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When the Going Gets Tough, L.T. Gets Going

ladanian tomlinson onthebuzzer.comEverybody’s hero, including mine, showed his true colors on Sunday afternoon in Tennessee. I’m talking about San Diego Charger running back Ladanian Tomlinson. With the Chargers down big early in the game, battered quarterback Philip Rivers came to sit by L.T. on the bench.  As soon as he sat, L.T. got up and walked away without saying a word.  Talk about a slap in the face. Then, in a make-up effort, L.T. went up to Rivers in the post-game news conference and gave him a hug in front of the reporters.  Stick to your guns, come out and say it “I was pissed at the qb because I wasn’t getting the rock and he was making bad throws.”  I’m not saying that Rivers is Joe Mantana or anything, but he’s the qb of the team.  Without him, you got freakin’ Billy Volek.  Without him, you don’ t get this win or a chance to make the playoffs.  This isn’t L.T.’s first tantrum, he pouted last year when they were knocked out by the Pats. We know your amazing buddy, but don’t think you’re bigger than the team. I’m sure Rivers isn’t trying to blow the game on purpose.  You can’t score 4 tds every game. At 28 years young, this L.T. has some growing up to do.  He giving the initials L.T. a bad name.

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