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Another Day… Another Shooting…

tinsley.jpgWhat would another day in the NBA be without a nightclub, car chase, and shooting? Just when you thought the holidays are around the corner and all is calm, the NBA and it’s colorful group of players proved you wrong. Jamaal Tinsley of the Indiana Pacers and several companions were targeted in the shooting that wounded their equipment manager outside a downtown hotel, after attending a nightclub earlier in the evening. Tinsley wasn’t injured, but this was his third late night episode in about 14 months, and the latest in a three year string of incidents that have engulfed the Pacers’ franchise. This all started when he was present when Stephen Jackson fired a gun into the air several times before he was hit by a car at Club Rio in Indianapolis in October 2006. In addition, he and another Pacers player, Marquis Daniels, both face charges stemming from a bar fight that occurred almost a year ago. Now this. Well, the NBA and the Pacers may be boring, but I would like to personally thank Tinsley for allowing us into his crazy everyday ‘thug life’. Soooo entertaining. You may not be the basketball player you once were, but to me, you are still worth every penny! Thank you and Happy Holidays….

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