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Heisman Snubs

So the Heisman Trophy is awarded this Saturday and by now we all know the four finalists. All four are well deserved, but what about the others that weren’t invited to New York? Dennis Dixon of Oregon was my frontrunner before he wasKevin Smith injured, and if anything his injury showed us how vulnerable the Ducks are without him. The team was ranked number two at one point, then completely collapsed losing three in a row. What might be even a bigger slight is not inviting Kevin Smith of Central Florida. This kid, in relative obscurity, has rushed for nearly 2,500 yards and is 150 yards away from the record held by Barry Sanders. He has put together one of the finest seasons in college football history with 29 touchdowns, a game of over 300 yards, and five games of over 200 yards. How this guy was not invited to New York is beyond me, but then again I’m not suprised. The media are always starf*%#ers and the voters probably have never seen one of his games. So at the end of the day h  e will probably have the second best season in college football history for a running back and no one will know. This reaks of Bo Jackson, Hershel Walker, and Jim Brown being snubbed. I refuse to vote for a Heisman winner again.

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