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onthebuzzer.com sports bookOK, I went 9-7 last week, not bad, at least it’s positive.  Should’ve done better, though with Favre getting injured and those damn Browns. Anyway, no need to dwell on the past, here’s Week 14, and I’m feeling good about it.

Thursday Night

Bears @ ‘skins -3:  Take the ‘skins.  Bears are no good at home. Bonus: take the under too.


Panthers @ Jaguars -10.5: Spread is big, but the Jags are solid and Carolina isn’t.

Dolphins @ Bills -7: I’m going out on a limb, take the ‘phins and the point.  I feel for these guys.

Giants @ Eagles -3: Giants are overrated, Eagles at home should cover in this rivalry game.

Raiders at Pack -10: Pack is back, after 10 days rest.  Defense should shut down Raiders

Steelers @ Pats -10.5: Just when you think it’s gonna be close, think again. Pats to pound an overrated Steelers D.

Chargers -1 @ Titans: Chargers have been electric, ride it!!!

Rams @ Bengals -6.5: I like the Rams BUT I just can’t see them outshooting the Bengals, take the home team.

Cards @ ‘hawks -7:This to a shootout, but Seattle is a tough place to play, home team, home team.

Vikes -8.5 @ 49ers: Vikes are legit, but the spread scares me.  Alright, take the Vikes.

Browns -3.5 @ Jets: Browns to pound Jets in a big way after starting off slow against Cards last week.

Chiefs @ Broncos -6.5: Chiefs are really bad, Broncos are just bad, take Denver.

Colts -9 @ Ravens: I like what I saw in the Ravens, Colts alway struggle against Ray & Co., take Baltimore and the points.

Monday Night 

Saints -4 @ Falcons: A lot of controversy with the Saint, but the Falcons are heinous.  Take the Saints.

I’m feeling good fellow gamblers.  I guess I’ve felt that before but something different this time, some sort of burning sensation… ummm… did I say that out loud?

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