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Ravens’ CB Samari Rolle “I ain’t your BOY!”

After the Ravens handed the game to the New England Patriots on Monday Night Football, Baltimore cornerback Samari Rolle stated in an interview that the head linesman Phil McKinnelly called him “boy” after one of the questionable calls made on the field in the fourth quarter.  It seems that Rolle went over to the ref and politely requested an explanation of the linesman’s call.  Is it just me or is everyone getting to damn sensitive and prissy?  Is Rolle upset because the word “boy” was used in racially derogatory manner?  Well since both parties involved are black so that can’t be it.  Is Rollesamari rolle upset because he has worked hard all his life and has a wife and 3 kids and deserves to be called Mr. or Man?  Let’s be real, NO.  I think Rolle is upset because they lost.  He’s making a stink about the comment when in reality, a lot worse is said to the refs/umps/players and most other partakers in the athletic and sporting industry.  I’m not saying it’s OK, but let’s not cry about it and file a complaint.  The Ravens lost, they should’ve won and frankly, it’s their own fault.  File a complaint against the coaching staff for calling a timeout right before they stuffed Brady on 4th and inches.  File a complaint against Ed Reed for intercepting the ball and fumbling it right back to the Patriots.  File a complaint against the defense for letting Tom Brady march down the field.  File a complaint against Bart Scott for the two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties which yielded 30 on the final kickoff by the Pats. Don’t blame the Refs for name calling. File a complaint against yourself for not acting like a man.

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