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Not So Fast…

So we all know that the LSU Tigers are playing in the National Title Game against The Ohio State Buckeyes. We also know that Les Miles was the frontrunner for the Michigan job, but he has stated that he is staying in Baton Rouge, and will coach the Tigers. So LSU rolls a truck load of money in front of him and signs him to an extension to keep him put. Not so fast though. Miles hasn’t signed the contract yet and officials say that he won’t sign until after the title game in JaLes Milesnuary. Hmmmm? Miles and LSU claim that there just isn’t any time right now. So let me get this straight. All the parameters of the contract were agreed upon. The money, the length, etc. All Miles has to do is put pen to paper. How long does it take you to sign a contract? A minute, maybe a minute and a half if you have a long name. Sounds to me like Les Miles is pulling a Nick Saban. All these coaches are the same, you can’t trust them as far as you can spit. Miles probably wants to keep his options open, and I think if Michigan holds the job open until January, Miles will be the next Wolverine coach. This w  hole situation just stinks. So the next time a coach says that without a doubt he is staying put, take it for what it’s worth, and the next time you have to sign a contract, make sure you prepare, because apparently it takes a bit of time to put your name down.

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