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Can I Get A Mic?

micsSo the NBA has resorted to gimmicks in order to bring in viewers. I’m surprised too, not that they use parlor tricks, but that the NBA season has started already. David Stern is trying something new this season. Soon all NBA head coaches will have to wear mics during games. That means we get to hear all the blaberings of an NBA coach when you just want to peacefully watch a game. As if it wasn’t hard enough listening to Bill Walton and Marv Albert for two straight hours, now you get to hear Mike Dunleavy and Stan Van Gundy too. I can’t wait for Phil Jackson’s brilliant give it to Kobe plays, or Mike Brown asking Lebron what they should do. It gets better, we will also have access to locker rooms during halftime. What has happened with the NBA? This league used to be a major player back in the day, now it’s pulling tricks I would expect from the WNBA. That’s right, there is a WNBA too! Needless to say coaches aren’t happy about this. Scott Skiles thinks it will be a disruption during games and that coaches won’t be themselves. Maybe that’s a good thing. Whatever the protest, it looks like it’s happening, so let’s sit back and watch what happens. I can’t wait for the first F-Bomb to slip through the censors.

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