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Callin’ Out For Bush

So Drew Brees said what everyone was thinking. Reggie Bush needs to clean up his act. Well he didn’t exactly put it that way, but that’s what he meant. Brees said that Bush is one of the greatest athletes that he has seen, but his football knowledge and game still need to be learned. Bush is having a hugely dissappointing season, only averaging slightly over three yards per carry with a ton of fumbles and dropped passes. Other teammates have called out Bush earlier in thereggie bush and kim kardashian onthebuzzer.com season, claiming that he has gone “Hollywood”. My own esteemed colleague here at onthebuzzer.com has started referring to Bush as Reggie Kardashian. After Deuce McAllister went down for the year, the focal point was on Kardashian to turn it up, however he has regressed and it is safe to say that of the running backs in his draft class, he is behind Maurice Jones-Drew, Joseph Addai, Laurence Maroney, and dare I say his old teammate at USC, LenDale White. Bush isn’t an every down back, we knew that, however, it looks like he is a no down back. Bush it seems like needs to go back to the drawing board here. At this point he has become a product of his own hype, and when your head is too big for your britches, you’re in trouble. It’s been easy to hate on Bush, afterall he was a star before he even put on an NFL uniform, and the wheels of his publicity machine were rolling. He dates socialites, and by all accounts is a nice guy, but until he starts proving he belongs in the NFL, he’ll be an easy target because of his fame. So here’s hoping he turns it around, because there’s nothing worse than being thrown under the bus by a teammate. Even if it is a nice bus full of young groupies.

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