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Callin’ Out For Bush

So Drew Brees said what everyone was thinking. Reggie Bush needs to clean up his act. Well he didn’t exactly put it that way, but that’s what he meant. Brees said that Bush is one of the greatest athletes that he has seen, but his football knowledge and game still need to be learned. Bush is having a hugely dissappointing season, only averaging slightly over three yards per carry with a ton of fumbles and dropped passes. Other teammates have called out Bush earlier in thereggie bush and kim kardashian onthebuzzer.com season, claiming that he has gone “Hollywood”. My own esteemed colleague here at onthebuzzer.com has started referring to Bush as Reggie Kardashian. After Deuce McAllister went down for the year, the focal point was on Kardashian to turn it up, however he has regressed and it is safe to say that of the running backs in his draft class, he is behind Maurice Jones-Drew, Joseph Addai, Laurence Maroney, and dare I say his old teammate at USC, LenDale White. Bush isn’t an every down back, we knew that, however, it looks like he is a no down back. Bush it seems like needs to go back to the drawing board here. At this point he has become a product of his own hype, and when your head is too big for your britches, you’re in trouble. It’s been easy to hate on Bush, afterall he was a star before he even put on an NFL uniform, and the wheels of his publicity machine were rolling. He dates socialites, and by all accounts is a nice guy, but until he starts proving he belongs in the NFL, he’ll be an easy target because of his fame. So here’s hoping he turns it around, because there’s nothing worse than being thrown under the bus by a teammate. Even if it is a nice bus full of young groupies.

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Can I Get A Mic?

micsSo the NBA has resorted to gimmicks in order to bring in viewers. I’m surprised too, not that they use parlor tricks, but that the NBA season has started already. David Stern is trying something new this season. Soon all NBA head coaches will have to wear mics during games. That means we get to hear all the blaberings of an NBA coach when you just want to peacefully watch a game. As if it wasn’t hard enough listening to Bill Walton and Marv Albert for two straight hours, now you get to hear Mike Dunleavy and Stan Van Gundy too. I can’t wait for Phil Jackson’s brilliant give it to Kobe plays, or Mike Brown asking Lebron what they should do. It gets better, we will also have access to locker rooms during halftime. What has happened with the NBA? This league used to be a major player back in the day, now it’s pulling tricks I would expect from the WNBA. That’s right, there is a WNBA too! Needless to say coaches aren’t happy about this. Scott Skiles thinks it will be a disruption during games and that coaches won’t be themselves. Maybe that’s a good thing. Whatever the protest, it looks like it’s happening, so let’s sit back and watch what happens. I can’t wait for the first F-Bomb to slip through the censors.

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‘Tis The Season

norv turnerGeneral managers must be in a giving mood because of the holidays, and Christmas came early this year at the Turner household. Chargers general manager A.J. Smith said today that coach Norv Turner would be back next year. Apparantly Smith isn’t a loyal onthebuzzer.com reader, or else he would follow our “fire Norv Turner” chants more closely. The Chargers are in first place in a weak AFC West, and after starting out the year 1-3, the Chargers have gone 6-2 the rest of the way. The funny thing about this is that Norv Turner signed a four year deal, so why wouldn’t he be back after only one season right? Well, after your star player calls you ou  t, and every media outlet is calling for your head after starting 1-3, you know why Smith had to publicly defend his coach. Afterall, Turner is A.J. Smith’s guy. He fired Marty Schottenheimer after a 14-2 season and brought in Norv. After Wade Phillips and Cam Cameron left as well for head coaching jobs, Turner was the only option left who knew the offense. So let’s wait and see how the season turns out for the Chargers the rest of the way, and we can all stop with the fire Norv Turner chants, at least for this year, but hey, there’s always next season!

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Not So Fast…

So we all know that the LSU Tigers are playing in the National Title Game against The Ohio State Buckeyes. We also know that Les Miles was the frontrunner for the Michigan job, but he has stated that he is staying in Baton Rouge, and will coach the Tigers. So LSU rolls a truck load of money in front of him and signs him to an extension to keep him put. Not so fast though. Miles hasn’t signed the contract yet and officials say that he won’t sign until after the title game in JaLes Milesnuary. Hmmmm? Miles and LSU claim that there just isn’t any time right now. So let me get this straight. All the parameters of the contract were agreed upon. The money, the length, etc. All Miles has to do is put pen to paper. How long does it take you to sign a contract? A minute, maybe a minute and a half if you have a long name. Sounds to me like Les Miles is pulling a Nick Saban. All these coaches are the same, you can’t trust them as far as you can spit. Miles probably wants to keep his options open, and I think if Michigan holds the job open until January, Miles will be the next Wolverine coach. This w  hole situation just stinks. So the next time a coach says that without a doubt he is staying put, take it for what it’s worth, and the next time you have to sign a contract, make sure you prepare, because apparently it takes a bit of time to put your name down.

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NBA: One Injury Away from Chaos

tim duncan onthebuzzer.comtracy mcgrady onthebuzzer.comYou never realize how important a player is to his team until he goes down for a few games. We’ve seen some key injuries this season to marquee players, leaving their respective teams running around with their head’s cut off.  Let’s start of with Tracy McGrady.  Sure the Rockets have Yao Ming and before this season started, I though it was Ming’s team.  But after T-Mac went down for a few games because of his back, the Rockets found it hard to replace his 26-5-5 per game.  Then you have the Cleveland Cavs, no major player other than Lebron James.  What happens, the King goes down with a sprained finger, take away his 27-7-8 and bam, the Cavs drop their last 3. Now it’s the San Antonio Spurs’ turn.  The reigning NBA king james onthebuzzer.comChamps. Tim Duncan goes down with a sprained ankle and knee, probably the worst injury for a big man.  Now the Spurs only played 1/2 a game without him and maintained their poise and pounded the Blazers.  The real test will come when they face Dallas and Utah on Wednesday and Friday.  While suffering the worst of the 3 injuries mentioned, the Spurs probably have the best chance to persevere, as their team has other starts that can drop 30 on a given night (i.e. Parker and Ginobli).  You never know how much you need it until it’s gone.  Imagine what would happen if the Laker lost Kobe? Dallas losing Dirk? Wade and the Heat (we already saw what happened)? Orlando and Dwight? Forget, don’t imagine it, it hurts too much.

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USC Trojans Still Not Ready to Compete Against the BIG BOYS

That’s Trojan basketball by the way, before Trojan nation lynches me. Days after the men’s SC basketball team suffered aonthebuzzer.com oj mayo loss at home against then ranked #4 Kansas (a game that they just fell apart in towards the end), the Trojans had a somewhat de ja vu moment against the #2 ranked Memphis, losing in overtime 62-58.  Freshman phenom O.J. Mayo led the Trojans with 16 points, but another subpar shooting performance by the condiment leaves him at 12-41 fg shooting in his last two games, 29% folks.  That’s not going to cut it.  I’ve been harder on Mr. Mayo then most this season, partly because of his attitude going into USC, attempting to showcase his talent for the NBA scouts during his 1 year stint in So Cal.  Let me clue you in buddy, 4.5 turnovers per game, 29% fg shooting against Memphis and Kansas, 43% on the season.  I’m not going to throw out the overrated overhyped label YET, but this guy needs to shape up.  Were not in highschool anymore Dorothy.

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Fantasy Football: Playoff Time

onthebuzzer.com fantasy footballWell, this is the time everyone has been playing all season for.  For most fantasy football owners, playoffs will either start this weekend or next, either a 4 or 8 team playoff format.  My league has 10 teams, with 8 making the playoffs.  I came in first for my league so I get to play the 8 seed in the first round.  Want me to be honest with you, I’m deathly frightened.  You work all year to get to the top, and 1 loss in the playoffs and it’s Lake Havasu with Nick Van Exel if you know what I mean.  I’ve been there before, getting to the top, then early playoff exit.  I’m the Marty Schottenheimer of fantasy football, unable to win the big game.  I hope this year is different. I hate having a playoff system, it rewards luck as opposed to the good teams.  That’s why I feel the same for college football and the BCS.  Sure it would be more “fair” by giving the top 8 teams a chance to compete for the big one.  But doesn’t the regular season lose some of its intensity and luster?  And what about the 9th or 10th seeded teams, they’re going to get screwed anyways.  Back to fantasy (reality’s a bitch), I have one piece of advice for all of you playing for the money, stick to what you’ve been doing, because if you start to play matchups and mix up your lineup in the playoffs, you’ll be gambling and when you gamble, the house ALWAYS WINS.

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Ravens’ CB Samari Rolle “I ain’t your BOY!”

After the Ravens handed the game to the New England Patriots on Monday Night Football, Baltimore cornerback Samari Rolle stated in an interview that the head linesman Phil McKinnelly called him “boy” after one of the questionable calls made on the field in the fourth quarter.  It seems that Rolle went over to the ref and politely requested an explanation of the linesman’s call.  Is it just me or is everyone getting to damn sensitive and prissy?  Is Rolle upset because the word “boy” was used in racially derogatory manner?  Well since both parties involved are black so that can’t be it.  Is Rollesamari rolle upset because he has worked hard all his life and has a wife and 3 kids and deserves to be called Mr. or Man?  Let’s be real, NO.  I think Rolle is upset because they lost.  He’s making a stink about the comment when in reality, a lot worse is said to the refs/umps/players and most other partakers in the athletic and sporting industry.  I’m not saying it’s OK, but let’s not cry about it and file a complaint.  The Ravens lost, they should’ve won and frankly, it’s their own fault.  File a complaint against the coaching staff for calling a timeout right before they stuffed Brady on 4th and inches.  File a complaint against Ed Reed for intercepting the ball and fumbling it right back to the Patriots.  File a complaint against the defense for letting Tom Brady march down the field.  File a complaint against Bart Scott for the two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties which yielded 30 on the final kickoff by the Pats. Don’t blame the Refs for name calling. File a complaint against yourself for not acting like a man.

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Detroit Tigers Hook the Big One

onthebuzzer.com miguel cabreraFlorida Marlins‘ superstar third baseman Miguel Cabrera has been traded to the Detroit Tigers.  After weeks/months of suspense for most of the league, the Tigers acquired Cabrera for a bunch of prospects.  Oh yeah, they got the Marlins to throw in pitcher Dontrelle Willis too. I guess the Anaheim Angels or Los Angeles Angels or whatever took the winter off after signing Torii Hunter to a ridiculous contract.  I’monthebuzzer.com dontrelle willis beginning to wonder to myself if this team is worse of than it was last year.  They let shortstop Orlando Cabrera and his bat go and now they lost to chance to compete in the powerful American League.  The Angels have always been reluctant to trade prospects for superstars which is the stupidest mentality.  I’m not saying purge the farm system.  But the window of opportunity for many of these guys is closing, i.e. Vladimir Guerrero, John Lackey.  The Angels’ lineup in the playoffs looked like a minor league team. I hope the Angels aren’t thinking about shortstop Miguel Tejada from the Orioles, as he’s on the down of his career and amongst those who have been accused of using the juice.  Then again, he might fit right in with the Angels, along with Gary Matthews, Jr. and Torii Hunter, a couple other guys past their prime. Angels’ motto, we like to overpay for overrated free agent. I’m an Angel fan and I’m pissed. GO GET JOHAN!!!

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