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UCLA’s Karl Dorrell Looking Elsewhere for Employment

onthebuzzer.com karl dorrellFIRE KARL DORRELL! FIRE KARL DORRELL! and that’s exactly what happened on Monday, goodbye Karl Dorrell.  UCLA head coach, or ex-head coach was let go after a disappointing 6-6 season.  Dorrell just couldn’t get some sort of consistency going. His team would show up for some games, then disappear for others like Notre Dame. Dorrell’s biggest victory probably came last year against USC when his Bruins shocked the national title bound Trojans.  Most people don’t know, but Dorrell took the Bruins to a few bowl games.  He came to UCLA from the Denver Broncos at their wide receiver’s coach, cleaned up Bob Toledo’s mess and made some waves of his own. Now that he’s gone, the next coach has some work to do. But rumor has it UCLA’s recruiting class was ranked 4th in the nation.  Does Dorrell get credit for that, you better believe it.  It reminds me of when the Irish ran Ty Willingham out of Notre Dame, and hired Charlie Weiss who had plenty of success with Ty’s recruits. But once his recruits left the team, the real Weiss showed up.  The next UCLA coach better be for real, or it’ll be a matter of time before the city of Westwood and Bruin nation calls for his head too.

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Red Sox Yankees At It Again

Just when New Yorkers and Bostonians thought that they could relax, think again!!! The two beasts are now in the running for Twins’ ace Johan Santana. Rumors have it that the Sox are in the lead. I wondered to myself if the Sox coonthebuzzer.com johan santanauld get better after waxing every team in the playoffs this past postseason. No more wondering, worrying or fearing, because if they get Johan Santana, possibly the best pitcher in the Major Leagues, everyone better start thinking about coming in second. Salary cap, not in baseball, because this is where the rich get richer. I know, that small market teams like Rockies and the Diamond Backs made it deep and even got to the World Series. But then what happened? They got stomped by Goliath. Winter meetings are always fun, especially when something crazy goes down. But if the Red Sox sign Johan, I’m giving up the sport, it’s hopeless. At least if the Yankees get him, the Yanks will be back on top…of my most hated sports teams list. Until then, the crown belongs to the Sox. By the way, anyone wondering what Minnesota is doing, letting go of Torii Hunter and now Santana, a fire sale perhaps???

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Thanks for Coming Mr. Lewis

onthebuzzer.com bill belichikThe Baltimore Ravens made it look respectable, at least.  I said it in our NFL Week 13 Preview video, take the Ravens and the points, as there’s no way Ray Lewis gets embarrassed by ANYBODY on Monday, at home.  The Ravens hung in there, until the Patriots decided to play and well, beat the Ravens with a late touchdown, 27-24.  That’s two weeks in a row and two 3-point victories, but hey, a win is a win.  The funny thing is, the 12-0 Patriots believe that they still need improvement.  That’s the mark of a champion.  They better start focusing on their defense and wondering why the Eagles and Ravens combined put up a 52 points on them.  I guess they can just outscore everyone they face, it’s worked for the past 13 weeks.

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