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Lakers Keep Rolling

onthebuzzer.com kobe bryantOn Tuesday night, the Lakers traveled up to Indiana and laid one on the Pacers, 134-114. While I’m not ready to crown them champs yet (or any time this season for that matter), these guys are playing with a sense of urgency.  Maybe it’s the Kobe trade rumors and they’re trying to prove to him that they’re worth it? Maybe it has to do with Kobe throwing them under the bus in the offseason?  Who cares? All I know is that guys like Andrew Bynum, who had 17 points and 10 rebounds on Tuesday or Jordan Farmar and his 18 are stepping up big. The Lakers’ bench is one of the best in the league so far. Their starters all averaged double digits against Indiana.  Let’s just hope this lasts.  The Lakers started out smoking  hot last year and then stumbled and fell on their faces in the playoffs.  The key, injuries, don’t get any to the key players.  The Lakers are OK for now (note Kwame is not a key player) but if Kobe’s knee starts buggin him, it’s gonna be a quick ride to the cellar. P.S. Don’t leave us KOBE!!!

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