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Are You Ready For Some Football!!!!!!!!!

trojan-helmut.jpgAnd no, not the NFL! I’m talking college football and it all starts Thanksgiving night. Prime Time baby! First, it’s number 11 USC on the road against number 7 Arizona State. Huge implications on the line. arizona-st-helmut.jpgThe winner most likely will go on to play in the Rose Bowl. Why? Oregon looks like they will lose at least one more game without Dixon, opening the door for USC if they win out. State also facing their toughest contest out of their two remaining games. Not to sound like a homer, but how does USC against Ohio State sound in the Rose Bowl?

As for game number two, it’s number 2 Kansas against number 4 Missouri. Kansas quite possibly playing in the biggest football game of their lives! On neutral field, get ready for a shootout and one of the most entertaining games of the year. As if that’s not enough, the winner will then have to play in their conference title game! And if that’s not enough, then they play LSU for the National Championship! Other than that, it’s an easy road for the two of these teams. Either way, it’s a great weekend to be a college football fan!

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