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Mariano Rivera; $45,000,000 Reasons Not to Sign Him

I don’t hate the Yankees, nor do I hate what they stand for.  They are a big market team that spends money, no matter the amount, to improve the team.  I do have some problems with some of their offseason moves, particularly the signing of Mariano Ronthebuzzer.com mariano riveraivera. The closer just inked a 3 year, $45 million dollar contract.  If I’m not mistaken, this guy is past his prime and heading towards the closer graveyard.  I’m all for rewarding loyalty, if we’re talking about pets.  But baseball is a business, and while Mariano may be the greatest Yankee closer of all time, his numbers have certainly taken a hit.  He’s 37 years old, lost a couple of m.p.h. on his pitches and frankly, with a 3.15 era, I’m wondering what the Yankees were smoking at the time. Not that there were many options out there, but $45 mil., are they crazy? I know I’m gonna hear it from all the Yankee fans but geez. Look at his numbers from last year, a “contract” year.  They’ve all jumped in the wrong direction from the previous years, including era, saves, earned runs, innings pitched and hits.  I guess if you got the dough, better to blow it while you’re alive instead of taking it to the grave with you.  I wonder if for $45 million, can Mariano play a little 1B?

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