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Avery In Trouble Again

avery.jpgIt seems it doesn’t matter who he plays for, but the Rangers’ Sean Avery always finds a way to get himself into trouble. Unfortunately for him, his mouth moves faster than his legs. In the news again, Avery is being accused of making cancer related comments to ill Maple Leafs forward Jason Blake before a pre-game altercation between the clubs last weekend. Of course, Avery in a statement denied any of it, stating “I am extremely upset and hurt that false and damaging comments were attributed to me regarding Jason Blake. I made no such comments. I have lost two grandfathers to cancer and have been a consistent contributor to multiple cancer-related charities, first and foremost, Hockey Fights Cancer.” Avery exchanged words with Blake and his Toronto teammate Darcy Tucker during warm-ups before New York’s 3-2 shootout victory over the Maple Leafs. Frankly, I am sick and tired of this guy. It seems wherever this guy is there is smoke and where there’s smoke there’s fire.  In the past, he has been reprimanded by the league for making derogatory comments about French-Canadiens and African-Americans and it seems he is always jawing at someone during each and every game. The league has no place for an idiot like this and it’s about time they really put their foot down! Kick this bitch out of the league!

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Wings Seeing Red

redwings.jpgIt’s been a rough week for one of the top teams in the NHL. After losing to the Blues 4-3, The Detroit Red Wings were stranded in St. Louis after their plane was stuck in mud! As the plane was being taxied, it accidentally slipped of the pavement and into the grass, causing hours of delays and resulting in the team to return to their hotel in St. Louis. Couple that with 2 losses and this is a week the Red Wings would soon rather forget. No one was injured during the incident and now Detroit will look to turn things around against the Blackhawks in Detroit on Saturday.

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Delivery For Durant

durant1.jpgThe rookie phenom Kevin Durant delivers his first game winner of his young career, giving the Seattle Sonics a 126-123 win over the Atlanta Hawks in double overtime. Durant hit a 3-pointer as time ran out in the second overtime and was immediately mobbed by teammates. Overshadowed in all of this was the performance of Damien Wilkins, who scored 41 points, to go along with 2 assists and 9 rebounds. My only question… why did Durant look angry after the shot? I mean, he has only been in the league for 10 games! What does he have to be angry about! Remember when players used to smile after winning games or game winning shots? I guess those days are over. The angrier you look, the cooler… so much for a fresh face in the league…

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Week 12 College Picks

top25.jpg1- (7) Ohio State at (21) Michigan padlock3.jpg– I know it’s a rival game and they are close most of the time. Not this one. Close early but Buckeyes pull away at the end. The better team will win and win big. My lock! I like Ohio State -4.
2- FAU at (14) Florida – You heard it hear first, Tebow will have 700 rushing TD’s in this game. OK, maybe not quite that many but alot. A rout at the swamp! Take Florida -34.5.
3- (3) Oklahoma at Texas Tech – Tougher game than it looks on paper. On the road, the Sooners may have a tough one with this early. But I will take my chances. I like Oklahoma -8.
4- (18) Boston College at (15) Clemson – Eagles better perform this week if they want to stay in the top 25. Two bad games in a row, look for a solid performance this week. I like Boston College +8.
5- (1) LSU at Mississippi – Not going to be a 40 point win, but a win is a win. Tigers should have it easy this week. Might be tough to cover, but they will against a 3 win team Mississippi. Take LSU -18.
6- (22) Kentucky at (8) Georgia – Tough week for the Bulldogs. Kentucky, a very good team, will impress this week on the road. I like Kentucky +8.
(6) Missouri at Kansas State – Tigers better win and win big to show the world they belong at the top of the BCS. K-State not that good. I like Missouri -7.5.
8- Northwestern at (20) Illinois – Coming off the biggest win in team history, there will be no letdown this week. Illinois will prove they are a good team and pound Northwestern. Take Illinois -14.
9- (24) Wisconsin at Minnesota
– They scare me because they are inconsistent, but after a great win last week, they keep the momentum going. I like Wisconsin -14.
10-(5) W. Virginia at (21) Cincinnati -Tough game on the road for the Mountaineers, but they pull it out in the end. Close early with the better team winning. Take W. Virginia -5.

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Ohio St. at Michigan: Loser Leave Town

onthebuzzer.com clash of the titansHere we go folks, the game of the weekend, with the suddenly vulnerable Buckeyes heading down to THE BIG HOUSE to face the once again injured Wolverines.  This was supposed to be the clash of the titans.  Instead, the winner will likely get dibbs on the Rose Bowl.  For Michigan head coach Lloyd Carr, this should be his last game after leading an underachieving team of bluechippers to an 8-3 record.  Although, something tells me that a Rose Bowl appearance might save his rear.  Tressel and his red vest, on the other hand, seem good to go no matter what happens in this game. He should’ve coasted to a National Title game but the Buckeyes fell to Ron Zook and his Illini last week. I’m picking Ohio State to pound and to cover. Not the game everyone had hoped for, but this is still the marquee matchup of the weekend. So hold on folks, because at noon tomorrow, there’s going to be a riot in the Big House.  And by the way, tell me the Big House isn’t the coolest name for a stadium…

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Hawaii Warriors Split the Uprights

No Colt Brennan, no problem. The University of Hawaii Warriors marched down the field with under 2 minutes left and kicked a 45 yard field goal TWICE (of course only 1 of them counted) as they continued their quest for a perfect season. They are now 10-0. I’ll admit, I didn’t watch most of the game, just the final drive. But I did see some bushleague moves and bad clock management on the Nevada side of the ball. With Hawaii coming out to kick the potential go-ahead field onthebuzzer.com university of hawaiigoal on 4th down and 50 seconds left, Nevada coach Chris Ault chose note to stop the clock with one of his two timeouts (and give his team extra time to come should the kick go through). Instead, Ault waited until the clock wound down to 15 seconds and called 1 of his 2 timeouts, y’know to ice the kicker. After the 1st timeout, out came Hawaii kicker Daniel Kelly and sunk the 45 yarder to put them up, but HOLD ON, Ault called his 2nd timeout. See the difference between NFL and NCAA is that in the pros, one team can’t call 2 timeouts in a row. After the 2nd timeout, Kelly came out again, cool as the other side of the pillow and BLASTED it through the uprights. It would’ve been good from 80. Unfortunately for Nevada, bad clock management left them with only 11 seconds after the ensuing kickoff, and off go the Warriors to a 10-0 season. As for Ault, the timeout move is cool only when it works, but when it doesn’t, you look like a poor sport and a loser… Fitting huh???

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NBA: East v. West

How did the Eastern Conference become so weak? As of Friday night, 4 out of the 15 teams in the East have records over .500. Impressive, huh? The West has 9 teams that are over .500. Every year, the East is up for grabs, whether it’s onthebuzzer.com nba logothe Cavs, the Heat, the Pistons, the Nets and now the Celtics. You never know who’s going to win. No consistency. The West is stacked with star power and team power. You have the staple in the San Antonio Spurs and the Dallas Mavericks. Then you have the Phoenix Suns and the Houston Rockets. I don’t know about you guys, but if I had the chance to play in the League, I would go to the East. Look at KG, he’s almost guaranteed to make it to the playoffs after not even smelling it for over 10 years in the West. As for the unbalance in the league, anyone ever thought about a reshuffle? I’m not talking about one or two teams, I’m talking about a serious shift and balance out the powerhouses. Rank the teams from 1-30 and separate them into two separate conference. Probably never happen, but I guess I’m just sick of the weak East, or “weast” as I will refer to them from here on. Oh well, I don’t wanna beat a dead horse, I’m gonna go and lobby for a college football playoffs, I think I have a pretty good chance of convincing the higher-ups…

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Dwight Howard: Another day, another rebound or 3000

On Friday night, Dwight Howard became the youngest player EVER to grab 3000 rebounds, replacing Shaquille O’Neal on the top spot. Howard finished the night with 21 points and 19 rebounds, and most importantly the win.  I wantonthebuzzer.com dwight howard Howard to look at the guy whose spot he’s replacing in the record books, and well, TURN OUT NOTHING LIKE HIM.  Shaq always thought he was better than the game, and still does. Howard is still young, and still making a name for himself.  He hasn’t reached the peak of his game, and the scary part is not that he’s not even close. I got Howard on my fantasy team and all I know is that he’s brings it game in and game out.  Maybe it’s because he’s young and is not jaded by the game yet, hasn’t been burned by management.  Don’t turn into a bitter old center at the ripe age of 35. And for the love of god, don’t start calling yourself foolish names like the big Aristotle, or the big Capernicus or the big whatever.  You just score and board, and the cool nicknames will follow. Like Dwight “Dirty” Howard.  I like that…

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Dr. Lakers and Mr. Bryant

onthebuzzer.com kobe bryantOn Friday night, the Lakers beat the Detroit Pistons 103-91 at Staples in LA. Kobe Bryant dropped 19 (yawn) and now the Lakers are 5-3. Now I donthebuzzer.com dr jekyll and mr hydeon’t know about you guys, but Detroit is supposed to pound the Lakers. I thought they were a good team. As for the Lakers, I love how Kobe is boys with everyone after he “shat” all over them in the offseason. Which Lakers are gonna show up for the next game is the question us LAians ask ourselves every day. The ones that beat the Rockets in Houston, or the one that lost to them at Staples? The ones that beat the Suns in Phoenix or that ones that lost to New Orleans in Staples? Consistency, that’s the mark of a champion and one thing that the Lakers lack. This team they have on the floor will NO WAY win a championship, or frankly even get to the finals without some serious help, and that’s a fact. So enjoy the win Lakers fans, because with the Chicago Bulls coming in to town Sunday, you never know what to expect.

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A Little Payback for the Cleveland Cavaliers

onthebuzzer.com crossing fingersCarlos Boozer returned to Cleveland on Friday night.  Yeah, he dropped 26 and collected 11 boards, but they lost the game.  Many of you might not remember, but Carlos Boozer was a Cleveland Cavalier back in the day.  Before the last year of his contract, he made a “deal” with ownership that if they release him, he would sign back with them as a free agent for more money. According to the Cavs management, the two parties “shook” on it.  No sooner than he was release, Boozer opted foronthebuzzer.com carlos boozer Utah and signed with the Jazz for bigger money.  No ill feeling between the players, but the fans in Cleveland let him have it.  And they should.  So many times athletes don’t appreciate the fans and what they do for them. They don’t sign autographs for fans, they don’t show up for photo ops, they flip off fans, and more.  While fans do have short term memories when it comes to their hometown heroes, they should always remember that most (with a few exceptions) would sell them out for an extra nickel.  With that said, I wonder if Boozer on the Cavs last year would have made a difference in the NBA Finals.  Instead, he’s on a pretty good team, in the powerhouse West. Karmas a bitch.

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